smoothwhite intimate whitening treatment

SmoothWHITE Whitening Treatment

Improve stubborn hyperpigmentation and lighten 2 - 3 shades in just 1 session! Contact us for consultation opportunities, pricing, eligibility and more.


Eligible for Atome Installment payments.

What is SmoothWHITE?

SmoothWHITE is Blush's unique depigmentation treatment which is applicable for intimate areas, underarms, joints and more.

It is a combination of

  1. Topical Dermamelan® Intimate Depigment Treatments expertly applied in our salon,
  2. Intermittent Skin Rejuvenation (SR) Light Therapy Sessions, which uses the combination of radiofrequency and light waves to restore your skin and clear dark spots,
  3. Complemented by home-care product application.

The 16-week long treatment program consists of two Depigment Peel Treatments sessions and three SR Light Therapy sessions, and includes home-care products.

How does it work?

It utilises an exclusive dual action mechanism to ensure long-lasting results while preventing pigmentary rebound.

It accelerates skin renewal and exfoliation, effectively reducing the appearance of existing spots. Additionally, its regulatory action targets the root cause of the issue, minimizing the development of new spots.

What can I expect?

Throughout the treatment process, the skin undergoes a controlled and gradual renewal. Some expected effects during and after the salon session include mild redness and a warm sensation, which typically subside within 24-48 hours.

It is normal to experience minor peeling and occasional sensitivity in the treated area. These effects will diminish with the application of the provided home products.


Immediate Visible Result:

SmoothWHITE provides immediate and visible results, with pigmentation lifting and lightening immediately after the session.

Progressive Improvement:

Noticeable improvements can typically be seen within a week after the treatment. However, the best results are usually observed around the four-week mark, as the home-care products continue to work its magic.

Maintenance and Continued Improvement:

To maintain an even skin tone, it is crucial to keep the treated area well moisturized. Over the next three months, with intermittent SR Light Therapy, you can expect to see further enhancement in your skin's appearance. If additional skin lightening is desired, the process can be repeated 3 to 6 months later.

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