Introducing Blush's Kegel HIFEM Treatment

According to the NAFC, there are 19 million women and 200 million people affectred by urinary incontinence worldwide. More than half do not seek help from a doctor, and it takes an average of 6.5 years for symptoms to develop from a mild to severe stage. This can negatively impact one's quality of life.

Kegel HIFEM Chair

Causes of Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary Incontinence is the loss of bladder control or unintentional passing of urine, commonly caused by weak pelvic floor muscles.

The pelvic floor muscle, fascia, ligaments and their nerves constitute a complex pelvic floor supporting system. If the pelvic floor muscles are damaged, the organs it supports will shift or even prolapse, causing a series of pelvic floor dysfunctions.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common causes include natural ageing, childbirth, menopause.

Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence

Effective treatment of urinary incontinence requires strengthening pelvic floor muscle training. Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic exercises, are often used to reduce urinary incontinence.

Kegel exercises are recognised as a good way to treat vaginal prolapse and prevent uterine prolapse among women.

But in reality, 84% of patients cannot insist on effective pelvic floor muscle training every day. The main reason being that effective Kegel exercises are often difficult to achieve and even harder to maintain consistently.

Here's how we can help

Blush's Kegel HIFEM chair uses revolutionary High-Intensity-Focused-ElectroMagnetic technology to stimulate motor neurons that control your pelvic floor muscles, triggering repeated hyper-contractions of the pelvic floor muscles to rebuild them.

Kegel HIFEM Technology
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What you can expect

Repair and improve your pelvic floor muscles with 22,000 muscle contractions with every 30-minute session, at least twice a week.

There is no need to undress, no pain, no anesthesia, and no downtime.

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